St. Mary's Catholic Eye Hospital
Run by St. Mary Catholic Church Ijebu Ode Diocese


The Genesis

St. Mary’s Catholic Eye Hospital started as a General Hospital, built and funded by the Catholic Diocese of ijebu-Ode; with the assistance from the Royal Netherlands Government In March 1978. Following an observed high demand for eye care services in Ijebu land, Dr B.G.K Ajayi initiated its eventual conversion to an Eye Hospital in 1988 and formally commissioned in 1990.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to bring qualitative and affordable eye care services to all irrespective of age, tribe, sex or creed in an environment that is accessible and affordable to all.

Vision Statement

A Nigerian based Missionary Hospital rendering comprehensive World Class Eye care in service delivery, training development and research.
A group of Nigerian based missionary institutions rendering comprehensive, world class Eyre care in service delivery, training. Development and research


It is our sole aim to reduce the load of avoidable blindness within our country, through a joint effort of the hospital, men of good-will and patients themselves.